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Re: Updated: vim-6.2-1

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 02:44:00PM +0200, Michael Schaap wrote:
> The problem is: what GUI?


> An X-based GUI would be an option, but that would require you to run an 
> X server, such as Cygwin-XFree, whenever you want to run gvim.  (Also, 
> to have a decent looking GUI, you'd need some GUI toolkit like GTK 
> available.)

No problem.  I did already compile gvim with gtk.  Looks ok, is
usable and would probably be a nice addition to our Cygwin/XFree86

> Somewhere deep down on my rainy day list is a plan to port the Win32 GUI 
> to the UNIX (./configure; make) based vim build.  (With some cygwin path 
> conversion functions inserted here and there, so that the dialog boxes 
> use Win32 paths, as they have to, but within gvim, Posix paths are 
> used.)  Don't hold your breath though, and if someone beats me to it, 
> great!  :-)

Not me ;-)  I have no idea what gvim is actually good for.
The non-GUI version runs very nicely inside of xterm or rxvt,
so what?   <-- just a rethorical question


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