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Re: Updated: vim-6.2-1

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 08:36:07PM -0400, Brett Serkez (cygwin) wrote:


Looks like this version of vim doesn't have GUI support compiled in.

Are there any plans to build GUI support so that vim -g works on Cygwin?

Nope. If anybody wants to contribute and maintain an additional "gvim" package, feel free.

The problem is: what GUI?

An X-based GUI would be an option, but that would require you to run an X server, such as Cygwin-XFree, whenever you want to run gvim. (Also, to have a decent looking GUI, you'd need some GUI toolkit like GTK available.)

The Win32 GUI is not ported to Cygwin. If you use Make_cyg.mak, you get a Win32 gvim.exe, not a Cygwin gvim.exe. (If you use USEDLL=yes, you seem to get a weird hybrid Win32/Cygwin app, which is probably not safe to use.)

Somewhere deep down on my rainy day list is a plan to port the Win32 GUI to the UNIX (./configure; make) based vim build. (With some cygwin path conversion functions inserted here and there, so that the dialog boxes use Win32 paths, as they have to, but within gvim, Posix paths are used.) Don't hold your breath though, and if someone beats me to it, great! :-)

- Michael

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