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Re: Should PERLIO=no_crlf be the default on Cygwin?

Hallo Max,

Am Samstag, 31. Mai 2003 um 15:06 schriebst du:

>>> I know very little about perlio, but wouldn't defaulting to stdio cause
>>> Perl to obey Cygwin mount modes?

>> From perlrun.pod:
>> "An unset or empty PERLIO is equivalent to :stdio."

>> The problem is that it will be superseeded for platforms where
>> O_BINARY and O_TEXT differs as it is e.g. for DOS or CYGWIN.

> OK, so the fix is to prevent whatever superseding you mention above
> from happening?

Yes.  In the perl source is defined if a system that defines O_TEXT
with a different value as O_BINARY kind of DOSISH, then the :crlf
PerlIO layer will be used.  That is to override the default :stdio
layer (as it is on unix).  If I change it to be Cygwin != DOSISH, then
the standard Unix layer :stdio will be used if no environmet setting
overrides it and every other layer like e.g. :perlio, :crlf or :utf8
may be pulled in by request. 
I think this is what we want.


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