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Re: Should PERLIO=no_crlf be the default on Cygwin?

Hallo Max,

Am Freitag, 30. Mai 2003 um 17:47 schriebst du:

> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>> Hallo Max,
>>>>> Since Cygwin runs on Windows and Windows is a DOS system the PERLIO
>>>>> layer crlf is default.
>>> Ugh. Some of use Cygwin to *escape* Windows!
>>> Is there any way to tell perlio "just let the system (i.e. cygwin) handle
>>> things"?
>>> That would be a nice default.
>> I need to patch the sources to do this, but it is no major problem,
>> I'm already testing with the patched version and it seems to be the
>> best solution to make no_crlf the default for Cygwin, it is also no
>> problem then to pull it in everytime it is needed with PERLIO=crlf.
>> This will save me a lot of trouble responding to the questions why
>> Perl writes CRLF by default and that it breaks scripts.  I guess to
>> support the other five guys who want Perl to actually write CRLF's
>> will be easier;)

> I know very little about perlio, but wouldn't defaulting to stdio cause Perl
> to obey Cygwin mount modes?

I would prefer to have it like it is on Unix, read and write back what
you get, never do any conversion, why should I do a LF -> CRLF
conversion for someone who lives on a text mount?  Why should I do the
conversion backwards?  If someone on a binmode mount want to have his
CRLF's, why should a tool change this (besides the d2u or u2d tools)
if not explicitly forced to do so (export PERLIO=crlf).


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