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cygwin tcsh 6.12.00 problem and fix

Though a long-time cygwin user, I've just installed it on a new laptop and
ran into a tcsh problem whose solution I thought might benefit others.
Note that I am not subscribed to this mailing list, so any responses
should be mailed to me directly.

Problems in /etc/profile.d/complete.tcsh.

When getting my new laptop (for work), the HOME variable was set by
default to point to my C:\Documents and Settings folder.  While I realize
this isn't cygwin's favorite location, I didn't want to bother changing it
if I could, in case my work had other reasons for setting it in such a

The spaces in this variable seemed to cause problems in the complete.tcsh
startup script, due to inadequate quoting of the pathname.  I'm not sure
if this is something the cygwin community cares about supporting or not,
but here are the changes I made to make it work:

	brad-xp-lap% diff complete.tcsh complete.tcsh~
	<     if ( -r "$HOME/.netrc" ) then
	>     if ( -r $HOME/.netrc ) then
	<     if ( -f "$HOME/.mh_profile" && -x "`which folders`" ) then
	>     if ( -f $HOME/.mh_profile && -x "`which folders`" ) then
	<     if (-r "$HOME/.mailrc") then
	>     if (-r $HOME/.mailrc) then

Thanks for developing and maintaining such a fine product,

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