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RE: NTsec permissions issue over inet

	My account that I am logging in as is domain related only. I have no
local accounts 
with the name user name. I added smbntsec and tried playing with the service
properties. This
didn't seem to make a difference. Something has changed in the recent
versions of cygwin surrounding
nt security Any thoughts on the matter. I noticed that when I logged in, the
shared drives are not
getting mounted. When I do a DF I get:

sbanville@cn6cf01 ~
$ df
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
C:\cygwin\bin          4088568   3050500   1038068  75% /usr/bin
C:\cygwin\lib          4088568   3050500   1038068  75% /usr/lib
C:\cygwin              4088568   3050500   1038068  75% /
c:                     4088568   3050500   1038068  75% /cygdrive/c
d:                    15438432   4014064  11424368  27% /cygdrive/d
df: `/cygdrive/h': Permission denied
k:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/k
l:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/l
m:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/m
df: `/cygdrive/r': Permission denied
df: `/cygdrive/s': Permission denied
v:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/v
w:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/w
x:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/x
y:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/y
z:                     1024000    512000    512000  50% /cygdrive/z

My SID has checked out fine. What else could be the problem ?
Any help would be greatly appriciated. I really do not want to downgrade the
version of cygwin to get around this problem.


-----Original Message-----
From: Igor Pechtchanski []
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 4:26 PM
To: Banville, Stephen
Subject: Re: NTsec permissions issue over inet

On Wed, 28 May 2003, Banville, Stephen wrote:

> Hi All,
>         I'm  not sure if this issue has been detected. I have traversed
> through the MANY probelm reports
> and haven't been able to find any specifics on this problem.
> The problem:
> My system that I have Cygwin running on is a Windows 2000 platform. I have
> set the appropriate environment variable for ntsec
> and have created the appropriate passwd and group files from my network
> domain. When I telnet, rsh, or ftp into my Window 2k box
> I get the following message:
> rsh -l sbanville
> Password:
> Private Cygnus Operating System(c) 5.1.0
> mkdir: cannot create directory `//netapp0/sbanville$': File exists
> -bash: //netapp0/sbanville$/.bash_profile: Permission denied
> My NT passwd information was created by running mkpasswd -l <domain> >
> passwd; mkgroup -d <domain> > group
> I have set Cygwin ntsec tty.
> This used to work fine in older version of Cygwin.
> It appears that the Windows box is not happy with the SID that is created
> from mkpasswd.
> I have compared the SID in my passwd entry to appropriate groups that I
> bneed to belong to.
> There is no inconsistencies.
> After loggin in I also checked the well known groups that I belong too,
> which also turned out to be fine.
> Can someone please tell me what the problem could be.
> Here is the ouput from cygcheck -s -r
> NOTE: I also get the folowing meesage when running cygcheck:
> cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() failed: 5
> cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() failed: 5
> cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() failed: 5
> [cygcheck output snipped]
> Steve


For the future, please *attach* the cygcheck output to avoid generating
false positives on message archive search.

The "ntsec" setting only affects local drives, AFAIK.  You need to play
with the "smbntsec" setting for remote shares.  Make sure the user you're
logging in as is the domain user, not a local user with the same name.
Also, there were issues with ssh authentication and access to network
shares -- try playing with the "Allow service to interact with the
desktop" checkbox in service properties.

ISTR some discussion on issues with ClearCase MVFS (this is just a WAG,
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