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Re: qmail port successfull

Lapo Luchini wrote:
Christopher Faylor wrote:

To cgf:
Yes, I must forget about sharing Win32 binaries.

That's a really regrettable outcome of the qmail license. Oh well.

What license? AFAICT there is no license, at most some webpages with DJB's comments on software licenses (but no license).


As far as i remember some linux distro do have qmail in binary form... they asked DJB and (as far as I remember) he added to the license the "exception".
Woulnd't this be acceptable on "our platform" too?

Exception: You are permitted to distribute a precompiled var-qmail package <> if (1) installing the

This doesn't look like a license to my. Anyway I couldn't find any reference to it inside the qmail tarball.

This would require of course to have a binary with no vpopmail support... =(

P.S.: maybe it's just that I'm using FreeBSD more and more, but its "ports system" seems to me better each time I think of it (it is a collection of some 8000 Makefiles that contains instruction to download source form original website, apply patch if necessary, compile and install as a system package).
It is true, of course, that most of the people out there wouln't like to compile things, but when it's an automatic non-interactive script, it can be a little better maybe.
This reminds me that maybe it could be cool to have an "install" option in "type 2 packages" that installs them directly, without bothering to have a "fake" local setup.ini, starting setup, let it install the package... this would need some command line "installed package db" management of some kind. Or it is already out there, only I didn't notice it?

No, this is one of FreeBSD's ports system shortcomings (the difference between make install and pkg_add) take a look at OpenBSD for a more featured implementation of the ports system, but still using makefiles. Other interesting implementations are Gentoo's Portage (using Python) and OpenDarwin's DarwinPorts (using TCL).

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Hack Kampbjørn

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