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Re: crontab error

Chuck Hamilton wrote:
It already the permissions set to 777.

-rwxrwxrwx 1 Administ mkgroup_ 32256 Apr 15 11:16 cron*
Ahem.  Here's the problem.  Your /etc/group file is not current.
Rerun mkgroup with the appropriate flags.  You may want to do this
for /etc/passwd too.  If one's not current, more than likely, the
other isn't either.

I did try changing the user the service runs as but it failed with a logon
error so I changed it back to LocalSystem. It seems like it's got to be some
kind of Win2k permissions thing. If I run cron from a cygwin session, it
works fine. If I run it as a service it fails to start. I've tried adding
the cygwin /usr/bin and /usr/lib directories to my Win2k path but that
didn't help either (though now I can run cygwin commands from a DOS prompt
if I want).

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