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Re: qmail port successfull

Christopher Faylor wrote:

To cgf:
Yes, I must forget about sharing Win32 binaries.

That's a really regrettable outcome of the qmail license. Oh well.


As far as i remember some linux distro do have qmail in binary form... they asked DJB and (as far as I remember) he added to the license the "exception".
Woulnd't this be acceptable on "our platform" too?

Exception: You are permitted to distribute a precompiled var-qmail package <> if (1) installing the package produces /exactly/ the same /var/qmail hierarchy as a user would obtain by downloading, compiling, and installing qmail-1.03.tar.gz, fastforward-0.51.tar.gz, and dot-forward-0.71.tar.gz; (2) the package behaves correctly, i.e., the same way as normal qmail+fastforward+dot-forward installations on all other systems; and (3) the package's creator warrants that he has made a good-faith attempt to ensure that the package behaves correctly. It is not acceptable <> to have qmail working differently on different machines; any variation is a bug. If there's something about a system (compiler, libraries, kernel, hardware, whatever) that changes qmail's behavior, then that platform is /not/ supported, and you are /not/ permitted to distribute binaries.

This would require of course to have a binary with no vpopmail support... =(

P.S.: maybe it's just that I'm using FreeBSD more and more, but its "ports system" seems to me better each time I think of it (it is a collection of some 8000 Makefiles that contains instruction to download source form original website, apply patch if necessary, compile and install as a system package).
It is true, of course, that most of the people out there wouln't like to compile things, but when it's an automatic non-interactive script, it can be a little better maybe.
This reminds me that maybe it could be cool to have an "install" option in "type 2 packages" that installs them directly, without bothering to have a "fake" local setup.ini, starting setup, let it install the package... this would need some command line "installed package db" management of some kind. Or it is already out there, only I didn't notice it?

Lapo 'Raist' Luchini (PGP & X.509 keys available) (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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