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Re: Will lpr be updated to enable printing to a postscript printer? wrote:

Gilles Civario in his 5/14 posting (Subject: Re: a2ps and printer) indicated a simple lpr.c patch that enabled printing to a postscript printer via cygwin lpr (which tends to be in the path for utilities such as a2ps or enscript).

Will this patch migrate into a future release of Cygutils? (The change sets the data type code to "RAW" instead of "raw" - a simple change, but the impact on non-postscript printers may need to be checked).

The lpr maintainer (which is not me; I maintain cygutils as a whole) has sent me a complete rewrite of that program. It's been integrated into my test builds, seems to work okay (I used it to send a .ps to my spooler), and has been checked into CVS.

I'm waiting another week or two for some other issues to settle down before issuing a new version of cygutils -- but you can check out the CVS and build it yourself if you wish.

cvs login
<password: anoncvs>
cvs checkout cygutils

Then run bootstrap, configure, make. (Note: you need all of the autoconf, automake, and libtool packages installed to build cygutils)


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