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RE: Getting "cleartool" prompts to work in Cygwin

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andrew DeFaria []
> Karr, David wrote:
> >However, when I execute this in a Bash shell in RXVT, at the point
> >where it would issue the prompt, it just sits there doing nothing.
If I
> >then press Return, it immediately emits the prompt message, and then
> >takes that as my response.  If instead of pressing Return, I first
> >an expected response and press Return, then it takes that as my
> >response, which is an acceptable workaround (if I know what the
> >says).
> >
> >Is there a strategy I can use to get it to work the same way it does
> >a DOS box, printing the entire prompt message, and exiting normally?
> >
> No. The problem is that cleartool is written for Windows (i.e. DOS or
> cmd) which does not use ptys. rxvt, and apparently XEmacs both use
> The only solution is to get Rational to fix cleartool (or to use a DOS
> box - or to specify all parameters on the command line so that there
> no prompting).

Is there any way to wrap all executions of "cleartool" in a "bridge"
that speaks pty and non-pty?

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