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Re: Windows NT installation 1.3.22-1


This question probably belongs on the general Cygwin list, no on Cygwin-XFree. I've added that list to this reply's distribution. Further follow-ups and replies should go there only.

I believe you're expecting a CSH-equivalent shell (tcsh, e.g.). That shell is available under Cygwin, if you install it, but it is not the default interactive shell. That role is filled by BASH.

You can modify or replace the BAT file or shortcut you use to start a Cygwin shell to use the shell of your choice. If eventually you set up remote logins using SSH, you'll have to modify the password file to override the default shell recorded there, which again will be "/bin/bash".

Cygwin makes available the following interactive shells via its Setup.exe installer:

ksh (pdksh)
sh (actually a synonym for ash -- beware when writing scripts using #!/bin/sh)

Good luck.

Randall Schulz

At 02:51 2003-05-28, Panos Stavroulis wrote:

    I've just installed ver 1.3.22-1. I can't do the "foreach" command
from the prompt and don't need to write a script. Is something wrong with my
installation or I am doing something wrong. Sorry if my question is too



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