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RE: quoting windows pathnames

> From: []On Behalf
> Of Gary R. Van Sickle

> > The following warning is enough to discourage me:
> >
> > WARNING: Microsoft strongly recommends against renaming any system
> > folder. Catastrophic system failure or an unstable computer could
> > result if you rename system folders.

 I *love* this (NOT!)

> What if you never changed the names and still have catastrophic
> system failure
> and an unstable computer?  Oh, right: A typical day in the land
> of Microsoft.
> ;-)

 I wonder where this puts localized systems:
e.g. Win98 "Program Files\" is "Program\" in Swedish versions.

 Just one more instance of non-planned settings (i.e. registry contents).
I wonder why settings in general has to be COPIED all over the place. Not
that is wastes that much memory, I don't care about that. BUT the problem
increases tremendously if you have any need to change things of some obscure

 Another example of the same: An application writes the PATH to the
_current_ work directory for a project (and path to utilities too in some
cases) INTO THE PROJECT FILES. Any attempts to move the files will
immediately render them useless, until you move them back. In other words;
create a project at work/school, bring it home to continue working on it and
you'll find that you have to either 1) recreate the project, 2) recreate the
path, 3) reinstall the software using the same paths.

 1) Use RELATIVE paths within project files.
 2) USE *SINGLE* copies of settings.

None of the above is hard to accomplish.

> IIRC, 3 bluescreens since I've been using it, all due to my own driver
> development[1] or 3rd party beta drivers.

 I'm currently 'playing' with Win2K, Visual Studio .NET, Windows CE,
ActiveSync and such (latest possible updates). This includes an iPAQ 5450
(>$1000 stuff over here) with USB-cradle and all...
 The cradle is used for charging the PDA's battery, besides doing the sync.
If I put the PDA in the cradle when W2K is running - here the PDA turns on
automatically -  and immediately turn the PDA off; wanting it to charge the
battery but not sync... If I'm too quick: W2K puts up a blue screen barfing
about the USB device having not responded to messages before removal.
 This might not be easy to avoid in the driver, but I DO find it alarmingly
'sloppy' that the OS fails (it requires a reboot) by such a thing.

> > If you are brave enough to try it,
> That sentence fragment should begin EVERY MS document!

 Indeed! ;-)

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden, 59~14'N, 17~12'E. >17~C avg/d now.
~ <=> degree

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