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RE: Behavior of stat() changed from NT to Win2000/XP


> The mutt developers aren't particularly concerned with Cygwin or
> Windows, so they don't regard this as an issue.  I don't see why this is
> a mutt problem.  They assume that stat() works correctly.  I'm not sure
> who's responsible for the Cygwin build of mutt, or for including it in
> Cygwin at all, but that's something to be considered in the future.

That's me.  As usual, I've been negligent in my mutt duties.  I've been meaning
to get a 1.4.1 build out for some time now.

> I'm guessing there's no problem with mbox mail folders, since they're
> just ordinary files.  The problem comes in because maildir and MH
> formats us directories as mail folders.

There are other, more fundamental, problems with those formats.  In particular,
they use characters in the filenames that are incompatible with Windows, Cygwin,
and in fact SUS and IIRC Posix as well.  I brought this up during a discussion
on the mutt-dev list about the "next generation" of these formats, but to the
best of my knowledge nothing ever came of it.  I *strongly* suggest you avoid
these formats until further notice (in fact, I'm surprised you haven't run in to
this problem, or then again, maybe you have: maybe that's the crashing problem
you describe below).

> BTW, if anyone knows how to build mutt under Cygwin, I'm *dying* to find
> out.  I can work around the stat() problem, but I have not succeeded in
> building a mutt for Cygwin that doesn't crash on opening certain
> messages.

Well, I've been able to at least once ;-).  Are you building from the latest
Cygwin source package?  Or are you using cvs or something?  There are a number
of Cygwin-specific patches required if you have text mounts.

If I spin a build of 1.4.1 against the latest cygwin1.dll snapshot, could you
test it?

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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