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Re: getting cron to work -> status too large for sendmail?

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 04:08:34PM -0700, linda w (cyg) wrote:
> Perhaps one problem might be that in addition to the normal WinXP env vars that would
> be defined for a user, I started cron from one of my cygwin shell windows, so it would
> have inherited all of the env vars from personal login as well.  But 
> conceivably, one could have more than 4K of env vars declared at the system level
> as well  -- Either way, it's would be generating a 4K log file -- most of which I
>  wouldn't see (since headers are hidden if I'm reading from, many Win-GUI 
> (specifically Outlook in my case) email readers).
> Perhaps cron should be purging it's environment or something before starting user
> jobs?  Seems a bit unclean to pass my environment to cron but then cron just blindly
> pass it's environment to a child.  

cron behaves as you wish everywhere, except on Cygwin NT. This is discussed in 
/usr/doc/cygwin/cron.README  In a nutshell it was meant for the small service 
environment. It would be easy to patch cron to behave as it does on Win9X when it 
is not started as a service.

Another option is to keep your script and have it call ssmtp, either filtering out
the environment values or putting them in the body of the message.
> I'm guessing there's probably a better way to start cron so it comes up at system
> start, but how does it switch user ID's?  It's not like the GUID's are recorded
> in /etc/passwd...??  Or does it switch UID's?

Not sure I understand the question. Isn't that what services are for? See cygrunsrv.


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