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Re: Question about "rexec"

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

Or you could just look at the FAQ:

Why doesn't chmod work?

All that this says is to insure that you have ntsec set. I have it set.
chmod still doesn't work! BTW I'm on Windows XP and use NTFS. My home
directory is on the server (/us is a mount of //<server>/<share>).


For Samba shares you need to have 'smbntsec' set -- 'ntsec' only affects
local drives (and the ability to set user/group ids correctly, so you
still need that set).  Also make sure your /etc/passwd and /etc/group are
up to date.  I've found that I actually had to create a fake group in
/etc/group and set it as my primary to be able to access a Samba share
mapped from DFS on AIX.  *sigh*

Never said I was using Samba. Why did you assume that? /us is a mount of //<server>/<share> but <server> is a Windows 2000 Server box. There is no Samba involved.

Yes my passwd and group files are up to date (they are symlinks to global passwd and group files that I maintain).

Next idea?

P.S. It would still be nice if somebody who really knew the algorithm
could explain Windows permissions and how they are mapped to Unix mode bits!

I believe <> does an
adequate job of this...

In the Permission Entry dialog box (under Security: Advanced) I see things like Read Attributes, Read Extended Attributes, Take Ownership. What do these relate to WRT Unix permissions?

I also see things like "Create Files / Write Data" and "Create Folders / Append Data". Now if we equate "Create Files / Write Data" to +w I guess that would make sense. However what if I allowed "Create Folders / Append Data" but didn't allow "Create Files / Write Data"?!? I would think, from a Windows perspective, that I could create a folder or open a file for append access yet Cygwin would not show any +w on any of the files. It's these sorts of things that still confuse me even after reading the above reference.

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