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is getpass function in cygwin obsolete?


I've successfully compiled an application that uses the getpass function from /usr/include/sys/unistd.h.  I've  successfully
compiled the same application under redhat linux 8.0 too.  There is no problem whatsoever but I was just bothered by the
documentation on linux when I did a "man getpass".  The first line of the description says:

"This function is obsolete.  Do not use it."

The package where unistd.h belongs on my linux machine is glibc-devel-2.2.93-5 (if this is indeed relevant).

I did "man getpass" on cygwin but didn't get any results.  I've searched the web for the standard specification of unistd.h
and it labels the function as "legacy".

I've googled the definition of legacy functions using the keywords:
1. "legacy functions"
2.  C, "legacy code"

but I haven't seen the definition of what legacy code is or what legacy functions are.

I've searched the mailing list archives and have seen people comment that this or that code is legacy code

but I could only guess what legacy code means.   (obsolete?, deprecated?, not supported anymore?)

So my questions are:

1)  Is getpass really obsolete?  If it is indeed, what is the alternative  function?
2)  What is legacy code?

Sorry for bothering this mailing list for the OT but I don't know where else to ask.    I'd be very glad for some pointers on where
to read .

Thanks a lot!  :)

Best Regards,


Carlo Florendo
Astra (Philippines), Inc.

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