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Re: quoting windows pathnames

On Mon, 26 May 2003, Charles D. Russell wrote:

> Since switching to Windows XP, I am forced to use pathnames with spaces.  In
> .profile, how do you quote a pathname with spaces so that  cd $DIRNAME and
> ls $DIRNAME will work?  I can write a $DIRNAME that will work in makefiles
> or when invoked from the bash shell as ls "$DIRNAME", but I can't find a way
> that lets me omit the quotes when using ls from the shell prompt.


You really should use double quotes -- that's what they're there for.
You can avoid having to use pathnames with spaces with judicious use of
"mount" and/or symlinks.  If you really, really, have to use pathnames
with spaces AND not use double quotes at the prompt, you may try the
following trick:

$ alias ls='eval /bin/ls'
$ export DIRNAME='"/cygdrive/c/Program Files"'
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Hope this helps,
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