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Re: Writing mathematical formulas


At 08:28 2003-05-25, Alex Vinokur wrote:

"Randall R Schulz" <> wrote in message">
> Alex,
> There is a complete TeX package available under Cygwin.
> Randall Schulz


I worked with Microsoft Equation 3.0 in Word.
But I have never worked with TeX package.

I have read man tex. However I need any sample of invocation and using tex.
For instance, how to create that : news://$6vr$ ?

You'll never learn TeX from the man page. That'll only tell you how to invoke the tools. I think it's fair to say the TeX document preparation is an art. Certainly a skill, and not one easily come by, for the most part. And certainly WYSIWYG it ain't! (Though for all I know there are WYSIWYG front-ends for synthesizing TeX equations.)

There's tutorial information out there, but I'm not qualified to make suggestions. Search the net.

> At 21:28 2003-05-24, Alex Vinokur wrote:
> >Does Cygwin contains any tool for writing mathematical formulas
> >(without using Word Equation Editor) ?
> >
> >
> >    Alex Vinokur

Randall Schulz

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