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Re: Why not compress cygcheck output? (was RE: updatedb broken?)

David Rothenberger wrote:
> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>> As a matter of fact, <> and
>> <> should be the same document.  And it
>> does say
>>    Run cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out and include that as an attachment
>>    in your report.  Please do not compress the output.  Just attach it as
>>    a straight text file so that it can be easily viewed.
>> However, the part about it having to be an attachment is not stressed.
>> should probably do something about that.
>>         Igor
> My mailer (netscape) refuses to attach text files as anything but
> inline.  Yes, I know I can use another mailer, but that's kind of a pain
> and the few I've checked out also don't allow this to be controlled.
> While I'm sure there is a mailer that allows it, I can easily avoid this
> issue by compressing the cygcheck output.
> So, why is it important that the output not be compressed?  In fact, if
> you asked for compressed output, it seems more likely that it would be
> an attachment and not inlined.

Attached because: Putting a list of every package name in lots of mails
makes searching the archives very difficult, since you tend to me swamped by
false hits.

Uncompressed because: Few people will be bothered to detach, uncompress
using an external program, and view a cygcheck. The person with the problem
needs to make it easy for someone to help them - and that means all details
viewable without leaving the mail client.


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