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Re: Cygwin symlinks with .lnk suffix

On Fri, 23 May 2003, andrew brian clegg wrote:

> On Thu, 22 May 2003, Larry Hall wrote:
> > BZZT!  Oh I'm sorry, you loose.  Your path contains a very old Cygwin
> > DLL (B19).  Apparently your installation of MySQL uses it.  Multiple
> > Cygwin DLLs don't play well together.  Please get rid of this old DLL
> > (You can binary edit the MySQL executables that use B19 to point to
> > cygwin1.dll instead so you don't loose this funcitonality in the process).
> > If you're still seeing problems then, let us know.
> In order to test this I shut down all cygwin processes, renamed the
> offending cygwinb19.dll to cygwinb19.dll~, and started bash again. No joy;
> all my symlinks still have the .lnk suffix.
> Updated cygcheck attached in case anybody has any other ideas?


Does this happen to all symlinks, even the newly created ones?
Try adding 'winsymlinks' to your CYGWIN variable (it should
default to set, but you never know).
IIRC, the new-style Cygwin symlinks are Windows shortcuts with the R/O
attribute set -- check if it's set on your shortcuts (note, this has
nothing to do with permissions -- you'll have to check in Explorer).  If
the attribute is not set, find out what cleared it.

> Thanks for pointing the spurious dll out though. My MySQL is a release or
> two out of date, but if upgrading doesn't get rid of the dodgy dll, then
> is there any reason why I can't just copy the latest cygwin1.dll over the
> one in the MySQL directory? Rather than dicking around with a hex editor
> or compiling MySQL for myself.

You can't just drop in cygwin1.dll because the MySQL binaries will be
looking for "cygwinb19.dll" -- it's compiled in.  You will have to either
change all those references to "cygwin1.dll  " (note the spaces), or
recompile MySQL.

> > BTW, cygwin.bat does not set the CYGWIN environment by default.  All
> > defaults are internally set.  You only need to set the CYGWIN variable
> > here if there are defaults you want to override.  So, if forced to
> > answer one way or the other, I would say the docs are out of date in
> > this regard.
> Cool. So there aren't any other things that need ot be set *before* cygwin
> starts that can't be set in e.g. /etc/profile? Just checkin'...
> Cheers for the help,
> Andrew.

I think 'tty' is one such setting, but there may be others.
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