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Re: Cygwin symlinks with .lnk suffix

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Larry Hall wrote:

> BZZT!  Oh I'm sorry, you loose.  Your path contains a very old Cygwin
> DLL (B19).  Apparently your installation of MySQL uses it.  Multiple
> Cygwin DLLs don't play well together.  Please get rid of this old DLL
> (You can binary edit the MySQL executables that use B19 to point to
> cygwin1.dll instead so you don't loose this funcitonality in the process).
> If you're still seeing problems then, let us know.

In order to test this I shut down all cygwin processes, renamed the 
offending cygwinb19.dll to cygwinb19.dll~, and started bash again. No joy; 
all my symlinks still have the .lnk suffix.

Updated cygcheck attached in case anybody has any other ideas?

Thanks for pointing the spurious dll out though. My MySQL is a release or 
two out of date, but if upgrading doesn't get rid of the dodgy dll, then 
is there any reason why I can't just copy the latest cygwin1.dll over the 
one in the MySQL directory? Rather than dicking around with a hex editor 
or compiling MySQL for myself.

> BTW, cygwin.bat does not set the CYGWIN environment by default.  All
> defaults are internally set.  You only need to set the CYGWIN variable
> here if there are defaults you want to override.  So, if forced to
> answer one way or the other, I would say the docs are out of date in
> this regard.

Cool. So there aren't any other things that need ot be set *before* cygwin 
starts that can't be set in e.g. /etc/profile? Just checkin'...

Cheers for the help,


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