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Re: Setup failures during mirrored install


I've explicitly set Reply-To: to point to the list.  Please make sure your
mailer honors that in the future.  Thanks.

More comments below.

On Fri, 23 May 2003 wrote:

> On 22 May, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >  Define "hung"?  100% CPU?  0% CPU?  What was on the screen at the time?
> >  Did setup react to Windows events (i.e., could you cancel it)?  Would you
> >  be willing to try a debug snapshot of setup, attach to it with gdb when it
> >  hangs, and post a backtrace for each thread?
> Sorry, I should have been clearer.
> I meant that setup's progress simply stopped.  I could still cancel it,
> so it was still responding to mouse events.  Also, the system CPU load
> was low, and the network traffic was low.

Sounds like it's waiting for some event in one of the threads, but no
other thread sent the event...  The backtraces should be more informative,

> I'd be willing to try a debug snapshot.  I haven't used gdb to debug
> threads though.
> I assume I run ps and use the PID, not the WINPID to attach to?
> What are the commands to list threads, and attach to a thread?
> Or do you simply say "thread apply all where" ?
> luke

The debugging snapshot is available at <>.
Just run gdb, attach to the Cygwin PID, and use "info threads" to list all
threads.  Then switch to each thread by using "thread <n>", where <n> is
the thread number, and use "where" or "bt" to get a backtrace.
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