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Re: Cygwin symlinks with .lnk suffix


BZZT!  Oh I'm sorry, you loose.  Your path contains a very old Cygwin
DLL (B19).  Apparently your installation of MySQL uses it.  Multiple
Cygwin DLLs don't play well together.  Please get rid of this old DLL
(You can binary edit the MySQL executables that use B19 to point to
cygwin1.dll instead so you don't loose this funcitonality in the process).
If you're still seeing problems then, let us know.

BTW, cygwin.bat does not set the CYGWIN environment by default.  All
defaults are internally set.  You only need to set the CYGWIN variable
here if there are defaults you want to override.  So, if forced to
answer one way or the other, I would say the docs are out of date in
this regard.


andrew brian clegg wrote:
Evening folks,

Here's a funny one -- on XP Pro with cygwin 1.3.22-1. (cygcheck attached)

The FAQ says, regarding symlinks,

"While Cygwin shortcuts are shown without the ".lnk" suffix in `ls' output, non-Cygwin shortcuts are shown with the suffix."

However, I've just noticed that all of my cygwin symlinks are showing up with the suffix! Including such things as


which is a bit weird. I don't recall changing anything that would affect this.

The suffix seems to be there by default but not be there if I look for the file without it -- easier to show by example:

Andrew Clegg@fourier /
$ ls /etc | fgrep hosts

Andrew Clegg@fourier /
$ ls /etc/hosts

Andrew Clegg@fourier /
$ ls /etc/hosts.lnk

I don't know if this will cause any problems to any programs -- but I'm curious as to why it's happened, it didn't used to. Also for aesthetic reasons it'd be nice if they didn't show up as .lnk in directory listings.

On a (maybe) unrelated subject -- the user's guide says that cygwin.bat
sets some default environment variables before starting bash.


Mine doesn't though, it just looks like this:

@echo off

chdir D:\cygwin\bin

bash --login -i

Is it supposed to set anything or are the docs out of date?



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