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Cygwin symlinks with .lnk suffix

Evening folks,

Here's a funny one -- on XP Pro with cygwin 1.3.22-1. (cygcheck attached)

The FAQ says, regarding symlinks,

"While Cygwin shortcuts are shown without the ".lnk" suffix in `ls' 
output, non-Cygwin shortcuts are shown with the suffix."

However, I've just noticed that all of my cygwin symlinks are showing up 
with the suffix! Including such things as


which is a bit weird. I don't recall changing anything that would affect 

The suffix seems to be there by default but not be there if I look for the 
file without it -- easier to show by example:

Andrew Clegg@fourier /
$ ls /etc | fgrep hosts

Andrew Clegg@fourier /
$ ls /etc/hosts

Andrew Clegg@fourier /
$ ls /etc/hosts.lnk

I don't know if this will cause any problems to any programs -- but I'm 
curious as to why it's happened, it didn't used to. Also for aesthetic 
reasons it'd be nice if they didn't show up as .lnk in directory listings.

On a (maybe) unrelated subject -- the user's guide says that cygwin.bat
sets some default environment variables before starting bash.


Mine doesn't though, it just looks like this:

@echo off

chdir D:\cygwin\bin

bash --login -i

Is it supposed to set anything or are the docs out of date?



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