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Re: Problems when running initdb with 7.3.2-2


On Thu, May 22, 2003 at 10:02:13AM -0700, Matthew Rudolph wrote:
> >>>    $ chmod a+x /usr/bin /usr/bin/*
> >Hmm, that didn't solve the problem. Any other ideas? I get the
> >same error BTW.
> I threw in a chmod a+r /usr/bin /usr/bin/* and that allowed initdb
> to find the /bin/postgres executable.

Oops, I forgot about the read permission requirement.

I also forgot to mention the following too:

> However, now I am having issues starting the postmaster as the user
> postgres. I have granted the user access rights, Log on as service,
> but I still get the error message saying it could not start the
> service due to a logon failure.
> I assume it has something to do with the ntsec stuff but I am unsure
> what is necessary to fix the permissions.

No the above is basic Windows admin stuff -- it has nothing to do with

> Any suggestions?

Nothing but the following lame ones:

    1. Is the service logon password correct?
    2. Is the Log on as service right effective yet?


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