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Re: a2ps and printer (and lpr fix)


Giles Civario identified a cygutils lpr fix that enables 
printing postscript to a postscript printer (by fixing the 
datatype code from 'raw' to 'RAW' - Wed, 14 May 2003 07:36:53 

This is Great news! I really hope this fix will work for the 
same problem I have with a current Cygwin under Win98SE, also 
using a postscript printer.

Will cygutils be updated with this fix?  

(On my system, when referencing the postscript printer by its 
share name, a StartDocPrinter error is returned with an 
apparently binary code to STDERR (02x 04x) in place of text.  If 
I use the local printer name instead of the share reference, 
then a window pops up indicating an print error,  and suggests 
setting the printer to use RAW spool format - but the printer 
already IS set in that mode.)              

Just a sanity check, however.  Does the fix impact printing to a 
non-postscript printer (or one whose spool setting is not 

The reason I ask is that I can print a raw text file to a non-
postscript printer using lpr.   This raises the question whether 
this works simply because 'raw' is not recognized.  Of course, I 
really want to print postscript to the postscript printer, but 
wouldn't want a fix to break lpr access to the non-postscript 

Carl Holmberg

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