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Re: CVS through a proxy

>>>>> at Thu, 22 May 2003 10:37:49 -0400 (EDT),
>>>>> Igor Pechtchanski <> said,

> I saw on your site that 'connect' compiles on Cygwin.  Did you consider
> offering it as a Cygwin package, so that people can install it from the
> mirrors?

Because I don't know how many user using it, I defered considering such
a contribution. Sorry. There's no problem making package but I didn't
know how to.  What should I do?

> Also FYI, Cygwin's CVS is still on 1.11.0 (1.11.5 has just been announced
> as a test release).  Chuck (the CVS maintainer) might consider patching
> CVS to have proxy functionality, so maybe you could coordinate.  Chuck?

Oh, I didn't follow such a topic 'cause I'm very busy for some months.
# and stil now :-(

Proxying is FAQ for Windows users, I think. I made 'tsocks.c' as tiny
library file without depending specific application program.  Actually
I'm using it with cvs, rsync and subversion.  But it is made only for
satisfying my use. So it is not enough functionality and not
sophisticated way. If you think it is usefull, I'll contribute it and
help as possible.

I'm using cvs since about 1.10 until now built with standard way like:

  $ sh ./configure && make

Now I have no major problem with this binary on my use.
So I don't recognize what matter should be considered for cygwin porting.

--- Regards,
 Shun-ichi Goto  <>
   R&D Group, TAIYO Corp., Tokyo, JAPAN

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