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Re: Setup failures during mirrored install

On Thu, 22 May 2003 wrote:

> We're trying to mirror the Cygwin install, so that we only have to do a
> single download to a local host inside the company, so that others can
> then just install or upgrade from there, and save a lot of bandwidth.
> Previously we did this by a Windows user running setup manually, to
> download to a local directory.
> But we're trying to automate the process, and have a samba server nightly
> rsync a local directory to a mirror site.
> It's not working though.  Setup is failing in weird ways, and I'm
> having trouble working out what's gone wrong.  Could we simply have
> picked a mirror site that is corrupt?
> First, we used rsync to copy a mirror site.
> Then I added our local samba server as an http mirror (in setup.exe),
> and chose Install from internet.  Each time I tried this it got to 55%
> then hung, and I had to cancel setup.
> This was using "IE5 settings".  I then changed the settings to use our
> internal proxy, and the `download' was much faster.  It got as far as
> 98% then complained of an incomplete download of
> _update-info-dir-00164-1.tar.bz2
> Yet that file looked okay from what I could see (file, md5sum, bunzip2
> -c | tar tvf).
> If I rerun setup after the files have been downloaded to my PC's temp
> local area, it fails consistently at a different place:  55%, at setup-
> something.  Again, with the "download incomplete" error.  Clicking on
> "ok" then exits from Setup.
> Usually.
> I was just trying this again, and discovered that this time it then
> reported it was uninstalling a lot of stuff; then some minutes later
> had progressed to installing a lot of stuff.  Which then popped up a
> warning at /usr/share/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ in
> setup-2.340.2.5-1-src, with the error "Can't open (null) for reading: no
> such file"
> It continued past that, though.  At 99% it popped up a warning that
> some in-use files had been replaced (probably because I'd had an rxvt
> window open for a while).  Then it moved into the post-install phase,
> where it popped up an error panel saying that no entry point
> could be found for isblank in cygwin1.dll (in sed.exe).  That repeated
> about 6 times, making some progress (though with lots of unpleasant
> errors), then looped around about 50 times with the same error and no
> visible change, then staggered on and completed with lots of other
> errors.
> I've rebooted and the cygwin shell runs fine, so does rxvt, and so does
> X for that matter.  But I hesitate to recommend the same approach to
> anyone else here.
> Any suggestions at all?  Are we tackling this the wrong way?  Or were
> we just unlucky and picked a corrupted mirror site?  What does it sound
> like was happening?  Anyone else had errors and problems like that?
> Is there something we could look at to track down what's going on?
> The mirror site was  We'll have a go at diffing
> that against another site later on today. (I gather rsync -n can do
> that.)
> luke


Define "hung"?  100% CPU?  0% CPU?  What was on the screen at the time?
Did setup react to Windows events (i.e., could you cancel it)?  Would you
be willing to try a debug snapshot of setup, attach to it with gdb when it
hangs, and post a backtrace for each thread?

Also, ISTR a patch that retried replacing in-use files after giving the
user a chance to exit all of his Cygwin processes, but don't remember if
it ever got applied.  Maybe it was only a discussion, not a patch...
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