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Re: CVS through a proxy

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Shun-ichi GOTO wrote:

> Hi, I'm author of 'connect' proxy command.
> >>>>> at Wed, 21 May 2003 23:10:24 -0400 (EDT),
> >>>>> Igor Pechtchanski <> said,
> > I'm reasonably sure CVS itself doesn't understand proxies.  However, you
> > can use CVS with ssh, and there are numerous options for making ssh work
> > through SOCKS proxies and such.  Just search Google for "ssh proxy" -- the
> > first match is <>, which
> > looks relevant, and there may be others.
> If you want to use ssh beyond the firewall, 'connect' is good for you.
> It use SOCKS4/5 or https CONNECT method on both UNIX or Windows
> platform.  It is also good for CVS :ext: method, of course.  But
> 'connect' program doesn't effects for CVS :pserver: method.
> There's many patches for HTTP proxy (using HTTPS CONNECT method).  And I
> also have one easy patch which adds SOCKS4/5 support for :pserver:
> method. If you want to use SOCKS from Windows, try this.
> And see this page to know how to use
> To use it, you must apply it to original cvs-1.11.5, then configure and
> compile it.  Or try binary I compiled.
> ## Note that it is for bare cvs-1.11.5. So it is not well considered
> ## around cygwin. (ex. binary/text mount, etc.)
> ## I'm using this patch since two years ago.
> ## I can't live without this (and 'connect').
> --- Regards,
>  Shun-ichi Goto  <>


Wow, I didn't know you read this list.  Cool!

I saw on your site that 'connect' compiles on Cygwin.  Did you consider
offering it as a Cygwin package, so that people can install it from the

Also FYI, Cygwin's CVS is still on 1.11.0 (1.11.5 has just been announced
as a test release).  Chuck (the CVS maintainer) might consider patching
CVS to have proxy functionality, so maybe you could coordinate.  Chuck?
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