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Re: CVS through a proxy

I don't know if cvs itself supports a proxy, but CVS_RSH can point to a
program that supports a proxy.  You just have to make sure the connection is
8-bit clean.  (If it is not 8-bit clean you will run into what seems to be
random errors.)  For example, if you wish to use cvs with 'ssh' you would
point it to a script like:

$ echo '#!/bin/bash' >ssh-noescape
$ echo 'exec ssh -T -e none "$@"' >> ssh-noescape
$ chmod ugo+x ssh-noescape
$ export CVS_RSH=`pwd`/ssh-noescape
$ cvs -z3 -d:ext:username@hostname:pathname checkout modulename

I used 'ssh' in this example, because many companies now days are leaving
port 22 as an open port to connect outside their firewalls.

I'm actually quite surprised, there does't seem to be an "open source"
version of sock5.  So if you need proxy tools to connect you might need to
hop through another machine in your internal network which has the proxy
tools installed.  i.e.

$ echo '#!/bin/bash' > proxy-ssh-noescape
$ echo 'exec ssh -T -e none unixhost prsh "$@"' >> proxy-ssh-noescape

where unixhost is the name of a machine with a utility like "prsh".  i.e.
rsh compiled with sock5 support.

Yet another option is you download something like connect.exe and use it to
connect the remote port to a local port.  i.e.

    connect.exe -p 22022 -S hostname 22

Then you would use a command like:

$ echo '#!/bin/bash' >ssh-noescape-connect
$ echo 'exec ssh -p 22022 -T -e none "$@"' >> ssh-noescape-connect
$ chmod ugo+x ssh-noescape-connect
$ export CVS_RSH=`pwd`/ssh-noescape-connect
$ cvs -z3 -d:ext:username@hostname:pathname checkout modulename
$ export CVS_RSH=`pwd`/ssh-noescape-connect
$ cvs -z3 -d:ext:username@localhost:pathname checkout modulename


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Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 9:27 PM
Subject: CVS through a proxy

> Anyone know if the version of CVS included in cygwin works through a
proxy?  I don't see anything regarding that on the cygwin website or FAQ.
If it's not possible, I'll just have to checkout from home.
> Thanks,
> Kenneth G Lafond
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