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Setup failures during mirrored install

We're trying to mirror the Cygwin install, so that we only have to do a
single download to a local host inside the company, so that others can
then just install or upgrade from there, and save a lot of bandwidth.

Previously we did this by a Windows user running setup manually, to
download to a local directory.

But we're trying to automate the process, and have a samba server nightly
rsync a local directory to a mirror site.

It's not working though.  Setup is failing in weird ways, and I'm
having trouble working out what's gone wrong.  Could we simply have
picked a mirror site that is corrupt?

First, we used rsync to copy a mirror site.

Then I added our local samba server as an http mirror (in setup.exe),
and chose Install from internet.  Each time I tried this it got to 55%
then hung, and I had to cancel setup.

This was using "IE5 settings".  I then changed the settings to use our
internal proxy, and the `download' was much faster.  It got as far as
98% then complained of an incomplete download of

Yet that file looked okay from what I could see (file, md5sum, bunzip2
-c | tar tvf).

If I rerun setup after the files have been downloaded to my PC's temp
local area, it fails consistently at a different place:  55%, at setup-
something.  Again, with the "download incomplete" error.  Clicking on
"ok" then exits from Setup.


I was just trying this again, and discovered that this time it then
reported it was uninstalling a lot of stuff; then some minutes later
had progressed to installing a lot of stuff.  Which then popped up a 
warning at /usr/share/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ in
setup-2.340.2.5-1-src, with the error "Can't open (null) for reading: no
such file"

It continued past that, though.  At 99% it popped up a warning that
some in-use files had been replaced (probably because I'd had an rxvt
window open for a while).  Then it moved into the post-install phase,
where it popped up an error panel saying that no entry point
could be found for isblank in cygwin1.dll (in sed.exe).  That repeated
about 6 times, making some progress (though with lots of unpleasant
errors), then looped around about 50 times with the same error and no
visible change, then staggered on and completed with lots of other

I've rebooted and the cygwin shell runs fine, so does rxvt, and so does
X for that matter.  But I hesitate to recommend the same approach to
anyone else here.

Any suggestions at all?  Are we tackling this the wrong way?  Or were
we just unlucky and picked a corrupted mirror site?  What does it sound
like was happening?  Anyone else had errors and problems like that?

Is there something we could look at to track down what's going on?

The mirror site was  We'll have a go at diffing
that against another site later on today. (I gather rsync -n can do


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