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Re: Implicit dependency on the existence of /bin/ in make 3.79.1-7 - possible bug

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Paul Connell wrote:

> Hi.
> For historical reasons at my place of work, we maintain a subset of
> some of the cygwin tools for our build processes (e.g. our makefiles
> rely on sed, awk, grep etc). We do this so that we can keep the
> necessary tools in source control (yeah, I know...) and folks don't
> need to have full installs of cygwin cluttering their hard drives if
> they don't want.
> The location of these executables is not /bin, and in the general case
> the programmers do not have cygwin 'installed', just the subset from
> out of source control.
> Because of this, I have found what may be a problem in v3.79.1-7 of
> make, namely that it can fail in very simple test cases if it is not
> executed within a proper installation of cygwin - which is undesirable
> in our case.
> e.g. have a directory c:\gibberish\bin that contains make.exe ls.exe
> and sh.exe -and all related DLLs, which are all the latest versions as
> of May 2003. Put it on your path. Temporarily rename your cygwin /bin
> directory - wherever it is - to /_bin
> The following makefile:
> SHELL=/gibberish/bin/sh
> .PHONY: all
> all:
> ls
> when processed - 'make -f test.mak' or whatever - will fail with an
> error similar to:
> "cannot open /c:"
> I believe it may be due to line 33 of main.c in the make source.
> It used to say:
> /* start off assuming we are using native command shell */
> unixy_shell = 1;
> Now it says:
> /* start off assuming we are using native command shell */
> unixy_shell = access ("/bin/sh", X_OK) == 0;
> Note that make v3.79.1-5 works just fine in the same environment, with
> the same makefile.
> The other solution I found was to ensure that c:\gibberish\bin is
> mounted as /bin - but that felt a bit hacky, more of a workaround than
> a solution.
> Basically, if make is intended to be usable outside of a proper install
> of cygwin, this is a bug. If not, it's not.
> Thanks for reading.
> --
> Cheers
> Paul Connell


I'd guess your problem spans from the following change:

  There is also a change which allows make to default to win32 mode if
  /bin/sh is missing.  This means that make will use '' or
  'cmd.exe' if /bin/sh is not available.

(from <>).

Since this change is Cygwin-specific, and relatively recent, I'm sure the
current make maintainer (Elfyn, IIRC) will consider reasonable
alternatives (especially if they came with patches).  One quick solution I
see is to check that $SHELL is set before looking for /bin/sh in make, but
that may have other connotations (e.g., if SHELL is sometimes set outside
of Cygwin, it may screw up current Cygwin installations of make, and we
don't want that).
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