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Re: [avail for test] gdbm, libgdbm3, libgdbm-devel 1.8.3-1

This has been in 'test' for two months now. I'm going to promote it to 'curr' in the next day or so, unless someone objects.

Gerritt reported that Perl-5.8.0 built fine against this version of gdbm, and passed the perl ODBM and NDBM testsuite.


Charles Wilson wrote:

I've uploaded a new version of gdbm as a test release. This is based on the official 1.8.3 FSF release which has seen some major changes.

While existing code should compile against the new library without (many) changes, the API of the library has been reorganized, which means thtat the DLL is now named cyggdbm-3.dll and not simply cyggdbm.dll. Thus, both the "old" DLL and the "new" DLL can coexist -- which is why the new DLL is in a new package (libgdbm3 instead of libgdbm)

  old dll package: libgdbm-1.8.0-5, contains cyggdbm.dll
  new dll package: libgdbm3-1.8.3-1, contains cyggdbm-3.dll (and more)

A word about the reorganization: the "compatibility" wrapper functions that provided gdbm's "dbm" and "ndbm" personalities have been moved to the gdbm_compat library. Thus, the "main" library from 1.8.3-1 are much smaller than the one from 1.8.0-5.

This means the cyggdbm_devel-3.dll is also in the libgdbm3 package. Further, it means that any application code that USED the "dbm" or "ndbm" personalities, now needs to link with "-lgdbm_compat -lgdbm" and not just -lgdbm. Most programs don't use the compatibility personalities, and can simply continue to link only against -lgdbm.

Also, gdbm is now build using libtool, so we have .la files now -- which should make autotool'ed client applications happy.

To test these libs, just run setup and choose the experimental version of gdbm.


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