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Re: DirectX and Cygwin

Graham Cox wrote:
I know this has come up a few times in the past - I've just spent the last
couple of hours reading the archives - but I haven't found anything that
will actually solve the problem yet...

I'm starting to play around with DirectX programming. I've just downloaded
the DX9 C++ SDK, and discovered that I can't use it under Cygwin quite as
easily as I'd hoped. Compiling works fine, but linking complains that it
can't find the functions in the libraries. I know that it's finding the
libraries because I tried moving d3d9.lib and then got a different error.

As far as I can tell, g++/ld is trying to find Direct3DCreate9@4 in the
library, when in fact it's called Direct3DCreate9. Also, as far as I can
tell it should be able to cope with this because I've tried using
the --enable-stdcall-fixup flag for ld, but with the exact same errors.

Basically what I'm after is if anyone knows how to either link against the
VC++ libraries properly, or else a way of producing my own GCC libraries
from these ones. One of the archive messages had a little script involving
nm, sed and dlltool which produced libraries I could link against fine, but
couldn't actually run the program with because all of the function pointers
were to 0x00000000 instead of real addresses.

Any help would be much appreciated

So if --enable-stdcall-fixup isn't getting you what you want/need, why
not do it the "old-fashioned" way and simply declare the prototypes for
the needed functions with the correct calling convention?  It's a little
more work but you're sure to get what you need.

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