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Re: tramp and cygwin emacs

* Wed 2003-05-14 Charles Plager <> list.cygwin
* Message-Id: 
| I looked at this website and found lots of postings about tramp and NT
| emacs, but none about how to build tramp under cygwin or tramp and
| cygwin emacs.

It works out of he box. 
I'm using the CVS version, so you I suggest downloading it with

    root@w2kpicasso:/usr/share/site-lisp/net/cvs-packages/savannah/tramp# head -200 CVS/R*
    ==> CVS/Repository <==
    ==> CVS/Root <==

   $ cvs -d <PSERVER-see-above> login
   $ cvs -d <PSERVER-see-above> co tramp
   $ cd tramp
   $ autoconf

After add this to your ~/.emacs

    (require 'cl)
    (pushnew "<path-to-tramp-directory>/lisp" load-path :test 'string=)
    (require 'ange-ftp)
    (require 'tramp)

And start using tramp by reading:

Note, The above cvs and Emacs instruction is from my memory, I didn't
vanilla test new one, since I have the working version running.


| Joe Buehler wrote:
| > Charles Plager wrote:
| >
| >>     I just searched the archives and didn't find much on this.  I'm
| >> trying to figure out how to install  and use tramp with the cygwin
| >> emacs.  I've searched on Google and all the links that I found
| >> (that aren't broken) assume you have tramp already installed. Any
| >> help would be appreciated.
| > Try here:
| >

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