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Re[2]: DLL creating problem

Hello Ronald,

Wednesday, May 14, 2003, 1:29:21 PM, you wrote:

I'll try to create a dll using your hint, but i still have nothing.
Created dll is incorrect

>>   It have a
>>   "mov edi,bss_data+something"   instead of   "mov edi,bss_data"

I ask people at, they say that is possible a mingw(cygwin)
problem of incorrect using coff and win32 format.

 The issue is that .bss sections to not seem to behave properly, using
either '-f coff' or '-f win32' formats, when linked against MinGW32
and probably Cygwin. No testing has been done against Cygwin.  I added
a new format to outcoff.c called 'gnuwin32', specifically to deal with
these problems.  I assume cygwin uses the same object format as
mingw32, hence the gnuwin32 format name.

 It's based on the differences I found in the mingw32 gcc output
objects, relative to the 'Notes on COFF' in the top of outcoff.c ...

(4) Both standard COFF and Win32 COFF seem
  to use the DWORD field directly after the section name in 
  the section header table for something strange: they 
  store what the address of the section start point _would_ 
  be, if you laid all the sections end to end starting at 
  zero. Dunno why. Microsoft's documentation lists this 
  field as "Virtual Size of Section", which doesn't seem to 
  fit at all. In fact, Win32 even includes non-linked 
  sections such as .drectve in this calculation.

RLC> ELF is a Linux format - that won't work in any case.
RLC> (remember: Cygwin is a DLL that allows Windows programs to use POSIX 
RLC> functions, but they're still Windows programs)

I'll find a way to create a dll using a elf file format

nasm -f elf -o file_asm.o file_asm.asm
gcc -c -o file_c.o file_c.c
dllwrap -o file.dll file_asm.o file_c.o --def file.def
strip file.dll

I know that is wrong way, but it working :)

RLC> You'll also have to use the -mno-cygwin switch to disable the use of the 
RLC> Cygwin DLL as a runtime library, and make sure your calling conventions in 
RLC> asm match those in the CRT you use (if using -mno-cygwin, the CRT would be 

RLC> Now, without having tested this, that should boil down to:
RLC> $ nasm -f win32 -o file_asm.o file_asm.asm
RLC> $ gcc -c file_c.c -o file_c.o
RLC> $ gcc -mno-cygwin -shared -o file_dll.dll 
RLC>       -Wl,--out-implib=libfile_dll.dll.a  
RLC>       -Wl,--export-all-symbols 
RLC>       -Wl,--enable-auto-import 
RLC>       -Wl,--whole-archive file_asm.o file_c.o 
RLC>       -Wl,--no-whole-archive 
RLC>       -Wl,--output-def=libfile_dll.dll.def

>> ------file_asm.asm-------
>> global _function_asm
>> extern _printf
>> section .text
>> _function_asm:
>>   push dword str
>>   call _printf
>>   add esp,0x04
>>   mov ecx,0x1000
>>   mov edi,bss_data
>>   rep stosd
>>   ret
>> section .data
>>   str db "String2print",0
>> section .bss
>>   bss_data resd 0x1000
>> ------file_c.c------
>> void function_c(void){
>> }
>> --------------------
>>   other creates a "wrong" dll. It has a section size problem and not
>>   working under the windowsXP or 2k. ( format == elf )
>>   or create a "incorrect" dll. It have a
>>      mov edi,bss_data+something   instead of   mov edi,bss_data
>>   (format == win32 or coff)

Best regards,

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