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Re: Strange Cygwin issue

On Mon, 19 May 2003, David Abrahams wrote:

> I thought you might be able to help with this.  I'm having a strange
> problem invoking the "TLIB" tool (from Borland's free compiler package
> from
> Cygwin.
> When you pass paths to this thing, they need to have a particular
> form.  TLIB seems to want to make everything into an option, so it
> interprets forward slashes and dashes as beginning an option, no
> matter where they appear... unless they're quoted.  Actually, It
> always takes forward slashes as option characters, but dashes have to
> be (double) quoted.  You can download this stuff and try for yourself
> if curious.
> Anyway, if I have to pass a path like "c:\foo-bar\baz", it works from
> the WinXP command-prompt, but not from the Cygwin command-prompt.  The
> actual use case has the command being invoked by execvp, but the bash
> shell seems to be a fine way to experiment with it.  the weird thing
> is, I built a little windows app win MSVC to print out all of its
> argv, and if I invoke it like this:
>       args "c:\foo-bar\baz"
> from either windows or cygwin, I see the same thing:
>      c:\foo-bar\baz
> I can't imagine what would make TLIB see something different, except
> *perhaps* that it's a DOS program and not a Win32 program... not that
> I have any idea how/why that has an effect.
> Can you shed any light on this?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Dave


Have you tried compiling a small DOS program with bcc and seeing what it
would interpret its parameters as?  It might be helpful if it printed one
argument per line, or somehow indicated where the break in the arguments

Also, IIRC from my DOS hacking days, assembly programs received the whole
parameter string at once, and had to parse it themselves, so it's possible
that you have found a bug in TLIB's argument parsing routine.
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