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Re: Postgres 7.3 - pg_hba.conf entry for host nof found (it's there!)


On Sun, May 18, 2003 at 09:10:28PM +0300, wrote:
> * Tue 2003-05-13 Jason Tishler <> list.cygwin
> | I suggest posting to <> -- you may get
> | better help there.
> It's very nice that you offer news server access and "no mail" option.

I hope that are using "you" in the general sense.  Note that I do *not*
offer any of the above.

> For the record, the cucial factor was this line in my previous post.
> |  bash$ cat /usr/share/postgresql/pg_hba.conf
> It was pure luck that I noticed this. I just ahppened to find some
> post with Google, where the location of the pg_hba.conf file was
> important enought.
> The configuration as you saw, was perfect, but the correct location
> is:
>     /usr/share/postgresql/data/pg_hba.conf
>                          ======

Sorry, for missing the above.  However, given that initdb actually
creates this file, I don't know how yours ended up in the wrong
directory (unless you created one from scratch).


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