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Re: script to change home path in /etc/passwd

On Mon, 19 May 2003, sferriol wrote:

> hello
> i see that ssh read /etc/passwd for searching keys and other files.
> i've made a little script to change the home path in /etc/passwd
> it's not perfect and may be need improvements.
> #!/bin/bash
> OS=`uname -o`
> # in cygwin case
> if [ ${OS} == "Cygwin" ]; then
>         /bin/cp -p /etc/passwd /etc/passwd-bak-tmp &&
>         /bin/grep -v ${USERNAME} /etc/passwd-bak-tmp > /etc/passwd &&
>         mkpasswd -l -u ${USERNAME} -p ${HOME} > /etc/passwd-bak-tmp &&
>         /bin/sed -e "s/\/${USERNAME}:/:/" /etc/passwd-bak-tmp >> /etc/passwd &&
>         /bin/rm -f /etc/passwd-bak-tmp
> fi
> Sylvain


The above looks useful, but, at first glance, is missing *a lot* of
quoting.  I'd say that at least all variable expansions (${VAR}) have to
be double-quoted.  I would also use a pipe instead of /etc/passwd-bak-tmp
in the last mkpasswd/sed chain, but that's pretty minor.
I'll take a better look later, if I have time.
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