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Linux or DOS javac?

Howdy All!

I have found out that when I compile java code in cygwin, I have to make
sure that my classpath and file names are in DOS format. For example;

CLASSPATH=".;C:\temp" javac "C:\temp\"

I believe this is required because the javac that is being used is a
DOS/Windows javac and the file paths are translated.

My problem is that I am trying to install the Janos nodeos which has a large
set of build scripts that require Linux like paths, not DOS. My reason for
saying this is because I am getting error messages like this:

error: cannot read:

I take this to mean that the script is building Linux paths which are not
understood by the DOS javac.

If I have assumed correctly so far, can I download a Linux/Unix javac and
will it use the Linux paths ok?

I have examined some of the build scripts - it is not easy to change how
they deal with paths because they do a lot sed operations (for example) and
heaps of variable substitutions as part of their sanity checks.

Any help would be appreciated!


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