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Re: POSIX emulation layer questions

On Mon, 19 May 2003, Neil Zanella wrote:
> I used to use cygwin some time ago. I currently have an application that
> I am writing for Linux that uses some basic POSIX system calls which
> include calls for reading environment variables, setting a process's
> home directory, and reading directories, all of which are POSIX but not
> part of C. However I have heared that Windows is POSIX compliant due to
> US DoD regulations. I would like to execute the POSIX calls under
> windows. Do I need to link with the cygwin dll or is support for such
> calls already there. I would like to download as least as possible just
> so I can get the application to compile under windows (which means I
> guess I don't even need a shell). Can I use the borland free compiler? I
> ask because I am using Qt.
The Win32 API hardly has any POSIX functions at all, but if you want to 
give it a try with only Win32, you can use any Win32 compiler you want (I 
personally like MinGW (

That probably won't do what you want, though, so I'd suggest using Cygwin 
and downloading what you need with You 
can pick and choose whatever you want - the compiler is in the Devel 
category. The MinGW compiler is also there, by the way, so if you want to 
try them both, you can download them from the same place if you want.

As for Qt: I think there's a Qt port for Windows - you'd have to look here 
( for information.



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