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Re: Postgres 7.3 - pg_hba.conf entry for host nof found (it'sthere!)

* Tue 2003-05-13 Jason Tishler <> list.cygwin
* Message-Id: 
| On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 07:27:24PM +0300, wrote:
| > bash$ cat /usr/share/postgresql/pg_hba.conf
| > 
| > # TYPE  DATABASE    USER        IP-ADDRESS        IP-MASK           METHOD
| > 
| > [snip]
| > host    all         all   trust
| The above should enable the connection.  I just tried and it worked for
| me.

| I suggest posting to <> -- you may get
| better help there.

Thanks, I just subscribed to several lists. It's very nice that you offer news server
access and "no mail" option. I can now use my Emacs to handle the newsserver for
posting to the lists.

For the record, the cucial factor was this line in my previous post.

|  bash$ cat /usr/share/postgresql/pg_hba.conf

It was pure luck that I noticed this. I just ahppened to find some post with Google,
where the location of the pg_hba.conf file was important enought.

The configuration as you saw, was perfect, but the correct location is:


I filed a request to psql-bugs to add this note to the documentation. It's so
easy to miss.


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