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Re: Best practices for Cygwin install on Terminal Server in app mode?

Alex K. Angelopoulos wrote:
Alex K. Angelopoulos wrote:

A short followup note on this.

This hasn't drawn any responses and the only reference to Windows
Terminal Services in message subjects I found searching back to early
2000 was "Cygwin crashes on .Net Server 2003 with Terminal Services
enabled", a discussion started 2003-02-24. (Message URL

At this point I have the impression that no one may actually have done
any Cygwin testing on Terminal Services in Application Mode at all.  I
will try this on Windows 2000 and/or NT4TSE to see what happens.

I think the issue is interactions between the Cygwin installer and TS in
application mode, NOT anything with Windows 2003 per se.

I think so too. As I wrote in the before-mentioned discussion, I'm using cygwin on Win 2003 Server since RC1 without any problem. The difference seems to be, that I do not use the Application Server mode of Terminal Services but only the XP-like Remote Desktop.

Running setup in TS application mode on Win2K, I got the exact same results as on Windows 2003. After setup, when you launch the bash environment, you immediately land at a bare bash prompt, like this 'bash-2.05b$'.

If my memory doesn't fail me completely, there is a thing like "putting a terminal server in installation mode". I seem to remember that one can achieve this by not lauching the setup program/installer file/whatever directly but by using "Add new Programs" in the "System Settings / Software" panel. Maybe this could be a way to workaround the problem. It's at least worth a try, /me thinks.


PS: I'm using only German versions of Windows. So "Add new Programs" might not exactly be what the button is labeled in the English version.

The environment most obviously is NOT initialized.  In fact, the global
system variables did not change at all before/after install, and when I
echo out my path in bash, I get this:

bash-2.05b$ $PATH
em:/cygdrive/c/Program: No such file or directory

The "No such file or directory' is normal for parsing path elements with
embedded spaces on XP as well, but the critical thing is that the usual


does NOT get tacked onto the head of the path.

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