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Re: Best practices for Cygwin install on Terminal Server in app mode?

A short followup note on this.

This hasn't drawn any responses and the only reference to Windows Terminal
Services in message subjects I found searching back to early 2000 was
"Cygwin crashes on .Net Server 2003 with Terminal Services enabled", a
discussion started 2003-02-24. (Message URL

At this point I have the impression that no one may actually have done any
Cygwin testing on Terminal Services in Application Mode at all.  I will
try this on Windows 2000 and/or NT4TSE to see what happens.

Alex K. Angelopoulos wrote:
> I've tried installing Cygwin on a Win2003 server in application mode,
> and see some problems with environment initialization just like
> reported with the release candidates several weeks back.
> This isn't a really common platform or deployment situation yet and I'm
> only doing it as an investigation at present, so I plan to shift
> thinking modes and run through setup on a Windows 2000 server with TS
> in App mode. That should be the best baseline comparison.  Before I do,
> are there any known "best practices" for TS shared installs of Cygwin?
> Or will drafting some be "my" job? ;)


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