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Re: problems with "man" command under cygwin

On Fri, 16 May 2003, dmitry levandovsky wrote:

> Hi,
> I have installed the latest cygwin packages a couple
> of days ago, but have the following strange result
> when I try to use the "man" command:
> $man man
> unsafe: not found
> Error executing formatting or display command.
> System command unsafe exited with status 32512.
> No manual entry for man
> I get the same result no matter what man page I
> request.
> I am running Windows XP and I have istalled sh, groff,
> and less using the latest cygwin setup program.
> Now, man used to work on my PC just fine, until I
> tried installing the ghostscript package, then it
> started to have this problem with man. I tried
> uninstalling ghostscript, then the "man" package, and
> even all of cygwin, and then installing it back.
> Still I get the same problem.
> Does that mean something got messed up in my registry?
> I could edit the registry if I knew what to look for.
> Could someone help please?

Try running "man" with the "-d" flag and see what exact command fails.
As there is no "unsafe" command, something is probably messed up in your
environment (the only thing that sticks around after you uninstall
Cygwin).  Check the PAGER variable at the very least.  AFAIK, neither
ghostscript nor man write to the registry.
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