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problems with "man" command under cygwin


I have installed the latest cygwin packages a couple
days ago, but have the following strange result
when I try to use the "man" command:

$man man
unsafe: not found
Error executing formatting or display command.
System command unsafe exited with status 32512.
No manual entry for man

I get the same result no matter what man page I
I am running Windows XP and I have istalled sh, groff,
and less using the latest cygwin setup program.

Now, man used to work on my PC just fine, until I
tried installing the ghostscript package, then it
started to have this problem with man. I tried
uninstalling ghostscript, then the "man" package, and
even all of cygwin, and then installing it back.
Still I get the same problem.
Does that mean something got messed up in my registry?
I could edit the registry if I knew what to look for.

Could someone help please?

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