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Re: cygwin + samba pdc = ssh problem [FAQ alert]

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On 14 May 2003, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Doug VanLeuven wrote:

| You'll need to set CYGWIN=smbntsec (plus whatever else you might be
| using) and "nt acl support = yes" in smb.conf for the affected shares

This worked ! Thanks an awfully lot for the tip. I don't know what we'd
have done otherwise - probably dump cygwin altogether I think. I'm
actually surprised this is not documented in the FAQ next in the chmod
is not working part.

Best regards,


Would you care to write a relevant FAQ section/amendment outlining what
you did and contribute it (post it to this list)? That way the Cygwin FAQ
maintainer can pick it up and put it in the FAQ right away. Perhaps Doug
could help also... After all, <>.

I wouldn't mind, but first I'd rather have a philosophical discussion on whether or not nosmbntsec is "doing the right thing" in the manner of translating "Take Ownership" or if samba should rethink whether it actually needs a plceholder characteristic.

Doug VanLeuven

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