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Re: cygpath : minor inconsistency in output

On Fri, 16 May 2003, Michael Schaap wrote:

> wrote:
> >(But it still seems not quite right to me: maybe I'm misunderstanding the
> >question that cygpath actually poses, which is why these different responses
> >to it seem, to me, to be inconsistent. Hence my earlier suggestion that
> >"c:/Cygwin/" and "d:/" would be consistent with one another and seem to me
> >to be responses to the identical class of question. As things stand, it's
> >giving me grief.)
> >
> I'm sure this won't lighten your grief, but this _is_ in fact consistent
> with UNIX-like behaviour:
> $ cd
> $ pwd
> /home/mscha
> $ cd /
> $ pwd
> /
> so, changing it might cause even more grief.
> (I'm sure a P to add an option to always include a trailing slash - -s,
> -l, -a are taken, so perhaps -h, --slash? - would be TC. ;-) )
>  Michael


Think outside the box! ;-)  How about -/, --slash?
P.S. No, I'm not volunteering to create the patch -- not yet, at least...
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