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RE: Renaming YELLER'S directories to something less aloud (Was: case sensitivity and filenames)

> From: Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc.) []

> > set CYGWIN="tty notitle glob check_case:strict"
> > $ echo $CYGWIN
> > tty notitle glob
> >
> > Ehhh? Where did the remainder go? Should it be like that?
> > (Tried with and without double quotes, rebooting inbetween
> >  to make sure that cygwin.dll was REALLY flushed)
> Works fine for me.  Maybe you reset CYGWIN in an rc file?

$ cd ; pwd ; whoami ; ls -A; grep -i CYGWIN *
.Xauthority  .bash_history  .mc/      .rm_bc_paths  .vimrc     bx/     rexx/
.Xdefaults   .bash_logout   .ncftp/   .ssh/         Projects/  md5/
.adtrc       .inputrc       .profile  .viminfo      bin/       pfree@  sed/

> > It is late - am I tired or just outta luck?
> Too tired it seems.  Remember, you're using a case-insensitive OS.
> 'AAA' and 'aaa' are the same.

 =-) I'm aware of that, renaming files with just case differences works fine
"outside of" cygwin. I'm an Amiga "oldtimer" (1985++) where the situation is
the same.

>  If you want to change by case only,
> you'll need to move the directory (or file) to a different name and
> then move it to the desired, target name.

 Well, that currently seems to be the only option... IMO the first simple
   mv FILE File
should be have worked.
May I guess that this is related to the problems with stat() ?

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden


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